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guild clean up rep side

Post  Talernar on Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:23 pm

will be doing a clean out on the guild rooster at the end of the day,


List of player that will be kicked for 35 + days off-line,

Rank Defender Kodo+ Alt Zhake last played 67+ days
Rank follower Caerlith + Alt Allaenon lasted played 60 days
Rank follower tur'rak lasted played 48 days
Alt Ronnok last played 40 days (adon'ar)
rank initiate vas'riish last played 40 days
rank initaite pawlo last played 39 day's
rank initaite Zmarlypl last played 38 day's

If any of the chareters in this list would like to keep there places please logging before the end of the day
no hard feeling but this is done to keep a eye on active players, so if you return to the game we would other
re-invite if you wish if not good luck to all and my the force be with you Smile
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