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Karagga's Palace

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Karagga's Palace is the second operation, located on the Ziost Shadow Mission Deck (South-west corner I believe).

It contains 5 Boss events, and some painful trash ::

When you first zone-in, there's a few packs of trash to clear. Use your CC, avoid chaining into other mobs and this should go pretty smoothly - letting you go into the palace and engaging the first boss.

1) Bonethrasher

Once you get into Karagga's Palace, Karagga yells at you and then kicks you down into the pit - a big round area lined with poisonous water. A gate will open across the room unleashing "Bonethrasher" a BIG rancor.

Bonethrasher has no real threat table. He'll randomly chase after a person who must be smart enough to run away and not get stomped into the dirt (which is actually a pretty cool animation). The whole time Bonethrasher will be swiping and trying to knock people off of the edge of the platform. Be smart, avoid his swipe and knockbacks. Kite him when you're supposed to.

The other challenge are the adds that spawn throughout the event. Once in a while a Gammorean Guard will appear on the edge of the platform, highlighted by a big red pillar of light. Kill him before Bonethrasher can eat him (otherwise Bonethrasher gets a big buff for a little while).

The other adds are a pair of Cats that jump in. Nothing overly threatening, just kill them while avoiding Bonethrasher.

All said and done, this is a pretty easy encounter, but it does require people paying a bit of attention to what's going on.

So his abilities?

1) Smash :: knocks the player he's chasing down into the dirt for some pretty decent damage
2) Swipe :: hits players on his side as he's chasing down his target
3) Knock-up :: bounces everyone into the air (or perhaps it's a range) for about 25% of their health
4) Knock-back :: punts people - potentailly into the icky water.


After that you will have to clear trash to Jarg/Sorno - but to be honest, I'm not sure I remember the trash all that well - and if it was before or after them. I'll update this guide accordingly.


2) Jarg & Sorno

Jarg & Sorno are a pair of Bounty Hunters out to burn and blow you up. The KEY mechanic to this fight is that as soon as one of them is killed, the other gets a huge frenzy buff (not to mention an enrage mechanic as well) - so you'll want to kill them close to each other.

Jarg relies on his flamethrower and I believe - and that's the biggest concern about him. He spins around blowing flame on everyone (it's a melee killer). So it's best having ranged dps on him as much as possible.

Sorno I believe can grapple players, freeze them in Carbonite and heal. I believe the Carbonite is shot on the person normally tanking him, so be prepared to kite and/or heal through whoever gains temporary agro when this happens.

There's a random phase when Sorno jumps up on the platform and fires missiles at people randomly. It puts a big target on the ground, don't stand in it.

As they get closer to dying try to watch and keep their health close together so they both die quickly. The only other element is I believe Sorno has a HEAL - which you will want to interrupt each and every time to make them easier to kill.


After Jarg & Sorno you get some annoying trash packs outside. You have humanoids controlling beasts. So far we've found that killing the humanoids quickly makes the beasts easier to deal with - so use CC accordingly.

You will also need to clear to the three big AA guns in the field to get them to blast down part of the palace and open the gate to the third boss.


3) Foreman Crusher the Slavedriver

The main mechanic here is Crusher's "Frenzy" ability. Crusher goes Frenzied for like 15 seconds or so. He'll hit real hard but move real slow. If the tank kites him properly, there's little damage taken and basically you can rinse/repeat the kiting back and forth to handle this fine.

The other elements of the fight are that packs of adds (Guards) spawn which must be dealt with (15k HP or so) and that Crusher will pick up big rocks and throw them at people (try to avoid them). Also be mindful of your threat as the tank will be spending time kiting instead of DPSing.. so any threat-dropping abilities should be used as a precaution.

Other than that.. the enrage timer is your only real concern here =)


After Crusher you have the worst trash packs ever. There's 2-3 humanoids which work to heal the droids, and then there's 2 droids - one of which summons 4 "Murder Droids" (Elites that hit really, REALLY hard) and the other which seems ignorable. This trash is ultimately about the murder droids - and since only 4 of them ever spawn.. come up with some system of prioritizing them as they arrive - and then burn down the humanoids, the ignorable bot and then finally the alarm droid that calls the murder droids last.

It's frustrating trash to say the least.. sorry.


4) G4-BC Heavy Fabricator

The key mechanic to this fight is manpulating the 3 consoles which control a small "Towers of Hanoi" style puzzle that unlocks a firing mechanism. You want to have the boss positioned under the station which is going to fire in order to melt his armor (a debuff) that grants a massive boost do DPS.

What this means is that at least 2 players must stay out of the bulk of the fight and work on adjusting the pieces of the puzzle to get the system ready to fire the debuff on the boss.

To make things a little more complicated, two types of robots are introduced into the fight ::

1) Proximity Mine Droids
-- These spawn generally after the first debuff wears off and in a set pattern across the map (mostly in the way of the terminals). These have about 15k HP and will do some pretty harsh damage and dots to players who get caught in them. Generally the people who are controlling the consoles need to be able to kill these quickly to resume console operations.

2) Stun Droids
-- These spawn down by the boss and will continue to zap/cc random players (it can be bad when it's the tank or the off-tank). They should be killed as they spawn provided the boss's debuff isn't active (don't waste the burn time, etc)

In addition to those droids, the Boss does a few things ::

1) Grapple :: a long-range grapple hook will attempt to pull ranged players into his grasp. People working the consoles should be VERY careful not to cheat too close and try to DPS as the time lost running back is bad.
2) Rocket :: A random player will be debuffed with a target/incoming warning and a few seconds later will be hit by a blade for 3-5k and I believe it has a DoT on it as well. Unavoidable.
3) Tank Debuff :: The boss slowly stacks a debuff on the active tank. This requires a taunt to prevent the stack from being too severe - the OT tanks for a while as the stack resets - and then they swap back.

So throughout this all it requires good coordination from the Console folks to the Tanks to make sure that the boss is heading to the right firing spot, and that there is a bit of a warning before firing the trigger to make sure the boss gets hit.

The enrage timer makes it difficult to fail to get the debuff up often - so the faster the consoles go - the more often the fire hits the boss - the better the event goes for all involved.



You will encounter a few more of those nasty Droid combos until you reach the Courtyard heading to Karagga's area. When you get there, it actually gets a bit worse as many of the pulls are 4-target pulls ::

1 Turret (which seems to just about insta-gib tanks) and must be burned down as fast as possible
1 Non-CCable humanoid who hits pretty darn hard
2 CCable humanoids that can be problematic if broken

Handle those packs cleanly and it's on to Karagga!


5) Karagga the Unyielding

Trust me when I say that Karagga is a very rhythmic fight. As long as the fight mechanics are dealt with as they appear, the boss is relatively straightforward. Karagga uses most of his abilities in a semi-predictable pattern - so take a note of what he does during this battle.

First and Foremost is his "Oil Patches" which he sets on fire. As Karagga is tanked, he will occasionally spew oil on the ground and set it on fire. This fire is pretty large and stays for the duration of the fight. The tank needs to move in a manner that allows him to drop the fire predictably and try to minimize the "path" of the fire to leave as much of the floor available for players. You will notice as the fight goes on, the Fire itself is a bit of a soft-enrage timer.

The fire should be avoided by everyone. It hits for about a 1500-2000 point tick and if it doesn't kill you, the healers will.

In addition to that, Karagga has several other abilities ::

1) "DRILLING" :: Karagga will channel "Dilling" during which time random players are targeted by unavoidable underground drills. This ability has a 24 second CD, and hits for about 4k on Heavy armor.
2) Missile Barrage :: Occasionally Karagga will also use a barrage of missiles. I believe you can out-range this event
3) "Magnetic Sticky Debuff" :: Karagga will target a player (sometimes this gets 2 players) and hit them with a white beam. They will be rooted and then begin to have a swirling black/purple cloud around them which will pulse damage to anyone in it. To make this even trickier - other players will be "pulled" to this person meaning they have to run out of the cloud quickly to avoid taking damage. After the debuff is over, the player who was rooted gets blasted for about 3-4k damage. If two people are rooted together, that's 6-8k damage to both of them. Be prepared!
4) Exploding Mouse Droids :: Karagga will begun to unleash 8 Mouse droids (they don't come out at once, but they do all come out quickly). They only have about 4-5k HP each. These generally need to be AE'd down as quickly as possible before they can find a target and explode for around 4k to everyone in the area.
5) Exhaust :: After Karagga drops the burning oil patch, he follows with his Exhaust attack which sprays fire in an AoE cone behind him. Melee should watch for the tank to move out of a fire patch as their cue to move to the sides.

The biggest problem with this fight is how easy it is to just get tunnel-vision and screw up. Because the fight is so rhythmic, it can rock you into a trance and without realizing it suddenly you're standing in fire (especially if you're melee).

This fight is also extremely healing intensive. The most intensive fight so far. The healers will not have the energy to keep you topped off, accept that fact right now. You need to do everything you can to help. Use your personal CDs, Medpacs, and just stay out of fire.
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