Absence due to moving!

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Absence due to moving!

Post  Lustrous on Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:12 am

Well i don't know how many of you guys know, but i have been absent for a week now due to me moving to Bergen to begin my studies at the university. And Bergen is all the way on the west side on Norway and since i used to live on the east side i had a really long time moving, and now i´m here studying at the university and in a few days i will have a Asus G75 and will be back in SWTOR shortly... (i hope)
i don't have the best network here but it should do and i am currently waiting to get my long Ethernet cable and will have better connection the wireless... (again i hope Razz)
in the meantime you guys have to get buy without me, but when i do come back you better hide cause Fury and Anger will make me stronger then you can possibly imagine!


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