Time to say "Good bye"

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Time to say "Good bye"

Post  Absolution on Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:49 pm

Hi folks,
as you maybe noticed, last couple of weeks i spent on leveling up new characters, a sage and smuggler and trolling the shit out of people on official SWTOR forums, since the boredom on Absolution at level 50 was hilarious. It's not that there wasnt enough OPs or actions made by the guild, but the everyday, repetitive, boring dailys and weeklys (which ones are prety much dailys as well) as well as the lack of any PVP effort aside of those gay arenas offering huttball and that kind of weird games forced me to make this decission (assuming we are on RP server and one is awaiting at least some kind of "faction" warfare between Republic and Empire/Sith). Iam not yet sure whether its temporary one or a definitive one, but i surely now regret that i ever came back to SWTOR. Actually to be completely honest, only you guys, you were holding me back from leaving long time ago, just in the moment when i noticed that SWTOR didnt changed at all and still remains the old idea-less, unfinished, bugged, boring wasting of money as it was when i left in the spring 2012, furthermore, this new F2P option made it even worse if you ask me.
To assure me of this boredom not being a question of just this one server we are playing on i made a char on a server called Tomb of Freedon Nadd which one is well known EU purely PVP server. While leveling up BH there i figured out that a PVP there consist of 30 level 50 chars camping every possible story area of every single class on both emp and rep side (no i dont have a problem of being killed by questing, but 30 people blob is a bit overkill). When i hited a hardly earned level 35 there i was looking forward to some open world PVP and i dont mean Outlaws Den on Tatooine. Even i tried realy hard i didnt found anyone on same level willing to fight back when i attacked, apparently seems like people there are waiting to get up to level 50 to join the lulz blobs on questing grounds i was talking about previously.
All this forced me to reactivate both EVE Online accounts as SWTOR realy lacks anything that could eventually prevent me from leaving.

Iam returning back to EVE Online, for now, it was a great pleasure and - i would say honor, but that sounds gay by a video game - to be and fight under your flag. For now ... Fly Safe ... eeek, i mean may the force, blablabla you know what i mean. Absolution/Vitalic/Midistar/Hyperactive/Provitamin/Sleipnir/Waltari ... over and out. clown


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Re: Time to say "Good bye"

Post  Leorra\Leornis\Kalthra on Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:46 pm

Have fun and beat up goons for me!

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