EV Nightmare review of first run :)

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EV Nightmare review of first run :)

Post  Talernar on Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:17 pm

Guild progression is getting better with EV NM put to rest and i thank all that signed up and made it a night to remember Smile

Tank: Alisdair
Damage: Leonris, Melanastere, Jumpinjonny, Miya, adesta
Healers : Pol'gara, Bren'kolack

had a few problem with a silly start but after a good think and a swope around was able to get the ball rolling,

had a bit of trouble with first boss but after a first attempt to get us warmed up turn out nicely even do alisdair was the last person standing Smile after that it got even better with a little slowness on the puzzle's the council went down first turn but warning all other them hit a lot harder, and soe went down in a first turn kill with all still standing Smile

was a very nice and funny evening and hope all enjoyed them self,

and to all that would like to know there is a timer for the title we made it with a good 15-20 minute's spare maybe even more Smile
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Re: EV Nightmare review of first run :)

Post  Web Admin on Thu Oct 18, 2012 12:26 pm

A very productive night! And we weren't too serious about it, which I like. It's good we're still connected to those fun/social roots we began in. Smile

I'd like to extend special thanks to all, as Adesta is practically re-equipped head to toe!

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