monday 09th july operation's

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monday 09th july operation's

Post  Talernar on Tue Jul 10, 2012 9:47 am

well what a night full of adenvture and chaos with a very quick ev hm on the last boss straight in and out within 15 minutes if i'm right good very good job.

Then we tempted fate with kp hm had a few wipe's on the frist boss and all i'm going to say is we had him we ha him we had him 7 % from my point of veiw we will be adding kp hm to our list of completed operation's, but will not count my chicken's yet,

one we had a little play we then change on to a 16 man kp SM run with everyone that was on-line at that time to see what kp would be like, and with 11 people we trashed the place up to sorno and jerg, so i think if we have the numbers 16 man operation's might take over the 8 man for a few week's or if we get the number for story mode's

but good job to all that came sorry it was not a long run but will plan for some more withing the very near future Smile
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