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Adesta Starsong

Twenty-six years have passed since Adesta was discovered by a Jedi and brought into the order.
His name was Derkon-Mys, an elderly miraluka Jedi Master. He was on a mission on the world of Dantooine when he first met the child Adesta. Her mercenary parents were only too happy to part ways with their 'troublesome' force-sensitive child; in exchange for credits, naturally.

As a young initiate of the Jedi Order, Adesta - aged six - failed miserably at Lightsaber combat, but proved to be exceptionally capable when manipulating the force, and learning it's secrets and history.
It was as natural to her as breathing is to any living being. As soon as she was shown how to manifest a new force power, she mastered it to a level comparable to most Jedi Knights.

The Jedi who had origninally discovered her took a keen interest in her training, and requested the Council assign her to him as a Padawan.
Reluctantly, the Council agreed; the condition being that she remained on Coruscant until she was old enough to venture out with her new master.
Adesta learnt much over the next four years. She decided she wanted to eventually become the next Jedi Librarian of the Coruscant Temple; but first wanted to venture out with her master, Derkon-Mys, and attain the rank of Jedi Knight.

Ten years Adesta spent as a Padawan. Learning as much as she could about what it meant to be a Jedi. The values, the principles. She learnt diplomacy and mediation, various languages, and how to fix simple mechanical and electrical devices.
It was at the end of these ten years her elderly master taught her the secrets of seeing through the force. Naturally, Adesta mastered this technique too. Her training with Derkon-Mys was at an end. He had no more time to continue teaching her, and peacefully became one with the force.

Adesta was reassigned by the Jedi Council to a new master: Jedi Knight Silanis Engevis. As far as capability went, Silanis was the absolute opposite of Adesta. His mastery of the force was lacking; but his skill with a lightsaber was unparalleled. He was familiar with six of the lightsaber forms, and a master of the rare seventh lightsaber form "Juyo", the most chaotic and vicious of the lightsaber forms.
Adesta was uncomfortable with Silanis' combat technique, as it required him to fight under the guidance of controlled passion. She saw this as a violation of the "there is no emotion, there is peace" tenet of the Jedi Code.
He further suprised her with his raw diplomatic skills; he made heavy use of persuading people with the force, and made a point of displaying his lightsaber prominently in many mediations, dissolving conflicts before they even began.

Given the differences between the two, they had much to teach each other over the next two years. Jedi Engevis was able to devise a better technique to defend against force attacks. In return, Adesta finally learnt enough of the sixth form, "Niman" to be able to deflect blaster shots, and combine her force skills with her lightsaber attacks.
It was with her new knowledge that Adesta was finally ready for her Jedi Trials.

They went to Coruscant, so Jedi Engevis could inform the Council of his intent. Upon their arrival, they both sensed the impending darkness. They rushed to the Temple, and before they could meet with any council member, the Jedi were under seige. The sacking of Coruscant had begun. Adesta and Jedi Engevis fought off waves of Sith invaders. they pushed through the corridoors of the Temple, and came across younglings of the Order. It was at this moment a powerful Sith Inquisitor and two apprentices charged towards Jedi Engevis. Adesta needed no instruction, she sensed her master's intent. She guided the younglings away from the incoming wave of Sith attackers.
Silanis' lightsaber moved with incredible speed and unpredictability. A yellow blur of whirling defeat, as it cut through the apprentices within seconds. Adesta looked back once more, to see a large swarm of Sith charging to join the Inquisitor against Silanis.

All that was ever found after the destruction of the Temple, was his broken lightsaber. The last lingering sense Adesta felt from her master after that, was a distant feeling of unbearable pain.

In the nine years that passed to the present day, Adesta aided with the settlement of the Jedi Order on Tython. She was granted the rank of "Jedi", and because the Order was spread so thin; she was soon after promoted again to "Jedi Master". Between instructing initiates, and researching ancient secrets, Adesta spent her time trying to track down her old master.
To this day he remains mysteriously missing. And Adesta is determined to search for, and find him.

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