KP ops run turned in to EV Hard mode

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KP ops run turned in to EV Hard mode

Post  Talernar on Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:35 am

Tonight for the second time we try HM ev was ment to be a KP run but dew to not having a second dps we opted in to trying it got up to the second boss and did very well but dew to the getting very late in some place's we called it after a few bug's with mob's coming back and stuff.

went really well and hopefully the next time in there should have a few upgrade's Smile

will also be trying best to get everyone in guild involved within guild run's, do not want to be getting to far a head of everyone else in progression so will try my best with the help of other's to get more ops group's up and running even if we have to pug but have come across a lot of help full people that if they arn't in a ops or arn't doing them they would be more the nwilling to come along to fill the groups Smile

would like guild member's to take them spot's then pug but if it mean's getting more people in the the more i will try Smile
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