Oddball History

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Oddball History

My history and past are need to know ,
I was 1 of 24 children born using the latest in random genome production.(long story short, DNA was donated from several historical military figures hoping for the best of the best using a chaos equation the dna would blend randomly and create several different troopers from the same sample ,, fatherless motherless , born for one thing doing it well ,,
after only getting a 37.73% success in the experiment and high budget overheads the project was disbanned sending the science crew else where to do more productive things for the republic ,as this was seen to be expensive and the ethics were questioned in the senate.The test subject were put in a unique regiment still trying to squeeze all the potential out of them hoping to build a platoon strong group with only 6 troops (The name super soldier was never used but i think thats what they were hoping for).Things did not develope as planned for the people in charge, sure they were good troops but nothing that special,After the troops had aged to the recruitment age they were broke up and shipped out all over put on the most dangerous jobs in nightmare-ish lands hoping that nature would clean up there mess ,1 by 1 the troops fell to the odds ,then Private 20-15-45-345-679 of the Ord Mantell engeneers was placed in company with one of the the test subjects (to him his brother) they were posted far from the lines hoping to gather intell and see troop movement instead they were over run by a pack of ferocious Razoronn his team mate crushed underfoot and himself gouged loosing an eye and left bleeding out in the middle of now where , 2 days later they were found after not reporting in upon finding him the troops did not think he would make the trip back to the spaceport nevermind survive full stop .But after cyber surgery to replace the lost eye and then 3 months in the bacta tank to bring him back to full health the recovery was complete he was to report to the chief medical officer on Corusant for official release to duty and to pick up new order after ,,
The chief medial officer upon seeing these note knew the test subject as he was one of the scientist in charge of the long forgot experiment ,As Private fist class 20-15-45-345-679 entered the room the doctor said "Your a real Oddball you have lived through every hell know to man and here you are better than ever " The private never really having a name of his own grew to this handle and now uses it with pride knowing all the details of the experiment and now knowing that he is the last of the republic Gene troop experiment , the Republics first and last attempt at producing troops ..
Leaving the medical bay he was met by a military official and offered a post anywhere in the system ..Oddball smiled and said "Send me back to hell sir ..sweet home Ord Mantell"
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